24 July 2006

Pending Pinstripes: AA Trenton Thunder Team Report, 7/24/2006

Thirdbaseman Eric Duncan hit his third home run in two days tonight, so I guess he's finding his stroke. Duncan, the New York Yankees' #2 propect according to Baseball America, has missed some playing time this year due to injury, but leads the Thunder with a .938 OPS (minimum 150 plate appearances.) Due to the missed games, he has only 8 homers and 24 RBI to go with his respectable .286/.380/.558 averages, and he's shown impressive plate discipline this year, having walked 21 times but struck out only 18 times in 147 at-bats. By contrast, 1B Randy Ruiz, who leads "qualified" Thunder hitters with a .904 OPS, has 22 walks...and 87 strikeouts (!) in 308 at-bats. Ruiz does lead the team with 27 doubles, 51 RBIs and a .305 batting average, but with plate discipline like that, he's likely to crash and burn in AAA next year.

Other Trenton hitters of note:

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