29 July 2006

DPD: MLB Trading Deadline Stuff, American League

The MLB Trading Deadline looms large for several teams today, both buyers and sellers. A quick run-down of the greatest needs for each team that has some shot at the playoffs, and what they're doint (or not doing) about them:

Boston Red Sox: 61-39, First place in AL East

Offense: The Red Sox have averaged over 5.5 runs per game this year, and their hitters are fairly healthy, so no real worries there. The closest thing to a weak link in their lineup is the two-headed Alex tandem at shortstop, Gonzalez and Cora, and they've combined to hit around .280/.330/.390, which is pretty good for a #9 hitter. Coco Crisp seems to still be struggling to regain his form after his early-season injury, with an OPS around 700, but the rest of the lineup is pretty solid.

Pitching: The starting pitching, after Schilling and Beckett, gets pretty thin, and for that matter, Beckett's been pretty inconsistent himself this year. The Sox sock for him, so he's got 13 wins despite his 4.77 ERA, and he's shown some disturbing tendencies this year. His ERA is 2.75 during day games but 5.66 at night, which is of course when most playoff games occur. He's got a 3.09 ERA at Fenway Park but 6.17 on the road. In any case, with Wakefield injured, they really need some help in the rotation, and they've gotten some from rookie Jon Lester (5-0, 3.04), but Kyle Snyder and others have not helped much. They're hoping for returns from matt Clement and/or David Wells, so they may not make a trade, but your guess is as good as anybody's on thier success after their injuries.

Trade Possibilities: What they really need is another reliable starting pitcher. Doesn't have to be Sandy Koufax, just someone who can keep them in the game for six innings so Manny can be Manny and Big Papi can drive him in. Now that the Tribe is just counting coo, maybe they'd be willing to part with paul Byrd?

New York Yankees 59-40, 1.5 behind Red Sox in AL East, leading Wild Card Race

Wow, what don't the Yankees need?

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