25 July 2006

DPD: Hillenbrand-ed a Trouble-Maker

Shea Hillenbrand played his first game for the San Francisco Giants on Saturday, getting a hit in four at-bats and scoring a run to help the San Franciscos defeat the San Diegos, 4-3. He went only one-for-six on SUnday and the Giants lost, 6-5. Now hitting only .200 with zero RBIs as a Giant, he probably sat around sulking on Monday night because he didn't get to play. Of course, neither did the rest of the Giants, who didn't have a game scheduled, but that's beside the point.

Shea was traded by the Toronto Blue Jays last week, along with reliever Vinny Chulk, for 24-year old RHP Jeremy Accardo. The trade followed a week of "he said, she said" between Hillenbrand and Toronto Blue Jays' GM J.P. Ricciardi, not to mention peanut-gallery quotes from teammates of Hillenbrand on the Blue Jays, both for and against him.

In case you haven't already heard it, the story goes this way:

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