17 July 2006

DPD: Sweep Smell of Victory; Yanks Take Three From ChiSox

The New York Yankees sent a resounding message this weekend as they swept the defending World Champion Chicago White Sox in a three game series at Yankee Stadium: We're not out of anything yet.

Despite the decimation of the Yankees' roster by injuries and the general lack of quality starting pitching, the Bronx Bombers have made it very clear that they are quite capable of winning. Even with their starting left fielder, starting right fielder and starting second baseman on the disabled list, they managed to score 26 runs in the three game series. Even with a starting rotation that averages fewer than six innings per start, and a bullpen that's been showing signs of overuse in the last several weeks, they held the White Sox, who lead the majors in runs scored this season, to only 12 total runs. Three games are still only three games, but this weekend had to feel like a shot in the arm for just about everyone in that clubhouse.

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