12 March 2007

Random Observations from MLB Spring Training 2007...

Non-Baseball thought: Is it just me, or shouldn't the American Civil Liberties Union be working to defend the liberties of, you know, Americans? That's what I thought.

No Angel in the Outfield

Apparently the LAnahfornia Angels are kind of upset that their new, $50-million center fielder refuses to incriminate himself by answering questions about his alleged receipt of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) in 2004. Hard to blame him for clamming up, of course, as there's absolutely no incentive for him to admit to something when the authorities have yet to garner any proof of it, and there are about 50 million reasons to keep his trap shut. He's never played with Barry Bonds, the real target of the performance-enhancing drug investigation, so there's no reason for them to offer him a chance to turn stool-pidgeon. Unlike Jason Grimsley, who was 39 years old when The Man caught up with him and had been with seven different franchises (three of them in two seasons), Matthews is not ready to retire. He had planned on playing for at least the next five seasons, the ones that would make him a millionaire, and isn't about to give that up just so his boss could save face.

More on Matthews, plus Josh Hamilton and Daisuke Matsuzaka on my Most Valuable Network blog...

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