20 March 2007

Don’t Saint Santo: No Hall Call for Cubs’ 3B

A few weeks ago, the Veterans Committee for the National Baseball Hall of Fame (and Museum) announced the results of their voting for 2007.

*Sound of crickets.*

That’s right, 83 men got together, considered basically everybody who has ever been significantly connected with major league baseball but is not either in the Hall already or on the current BBWAA ballot, and elected exactly nobody. Nothing wrong with that, in and of itself. The Hall of Fame should be an exclusive club, and if we have to keep out the marginally great guys to make sure that someday mediocre ones don’t get in, then so be it. Personally, I have no vested interest in who gets to call himself a “Hall of Famer” and who doesn’t, as I’ll never be one myself. That is, unless they create a special wing for Baseball Bloggers, and an award for Most Blog Posts Composed That Were Never Actually Read by Anyone but Me, in which case, I’m a shoe-in.

But Ron Santo is not, for a number of reasons.

Find out what those reasons are, on my MVN.com blog...

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