19 April 2006

Double Play Depth: Information Overload - Greg Maddux

Greg Maddux turned 40 last week, the day after he won his 320th career game. There has been no shortage of accolades for the Smartest Pitcher Who Ever Lived (TM Rob Neyer) since then, but I thought that rather than simply praise him, I might instead analyze the man's accomplishments.


During his illustrious career, Greg Maddux has 321 wins, having gained another on Monday night, which ranks 15th all-time, not far behind Don Sutton, with 324. With a decent season in 2006, Maddux may break the top ten. That accomplishment would require 330 wins, which would get him past Steve Carlton, who needed nearly 100 more games in the majors to garner those eight more wins. After Carlton on that list is Roger Clemens, who may or may not be retired, and therefore may or may not add to his 341 career wins. In either case, there's no realistic way to expect that Maddux would win 24 games and surpass the Rocket this year, so top ten is about as well as we can reasonably expect him to do in 2006.

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