25 April 2006

Double Play Depth: Cincinnati Reds the Flakiest Team in Baseball

The Cincinnati Reds are kind of a flaky team. For one thing, they play in one of the more pronounced hitters' parks in baseball. The team has struggled to score runs on the road ever since the opening of Great American Ballpark, and this season is no exception. They're destroying opposing pitchers at home, to the tune of .316/.413/.560, but have limped along to a measley .229/.324/.439 pace on the road. In terms of last year's performances, that's roughly the difference between Vladimir Guerrero and Justin Morneau.

At no time this season has their flakiness been more apparent than this past weekend. They entered a four-game sries at Milwaukee with a 9-6 record (6-3 at home, only .500 on the road) and won the first game of the series, a 12-8 slug-fest on Thursday that took three hours and 44 minutes. Neither team's starting pitcher got out of the fourth inning, and Brandon Phillips, who was acquired from the Cleveland Indians for "future considerations" only two weeks earlier, hit two homers and drove in six runs. (For the record, "future considerations" is baseball GM talk for "Buy me lunch at the next Winter Meetings.")

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