25 September 2002

Caple-ble of Original Thought

Jim Caple, in a recent article on ESPN.com, had this to say about Barry The Great:

"If you don't think Barry Bonds should be the National League MVP, consider this stat: If you took away all of Barry's hits, he still would have a higher on-base percentage (.337) than American League MVP-candidate Alfonso Soriano (.335)."

Two weeks ago I said, right here on the Boy of Summer, that...

"In fact, if you took away all of his hits, he still walks at a .316(!) clip. That means that there are only five guys in the NL who get a hit more often than Bonds gets a walk."

...which is essentially the same statement, except that:

a) I didn't count HBPs, as they're out of Barry's control, for the most part, and Caple did. And...
2) I didn't compare him to a player in another league, as such a comparison is largely irrelevant.

None of this is to say that Caple isn't a good writer or anything. It's just to say that I saw it first. Ha.

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