13 September 2002

As the more observant of you will have noticed, there are several more links to your left, and one to your right, all to other baseball blogs and/or sites. I have been unashamedly prostituting myself out, hoping not just to bring you, my faithful reader, some more material with which you may wile away the minutes of your short life, but also to bring myself....well, more faithful readers. I have provided these links for the reader's benefit, but also for my own, hoping that these benevolent folk will return the favor. This, I imagine, is somewhat like your 5-year old son offering to "help pay" for your dinner by giving you some of his allowance, but hey, whatever works, right?

Nevertheless, I have done the research and all of these sites are quality baseball sites, in some respect or another. And now, without further ado, my brief takes on each of the new additions:

If Ducksnorts were a lousy website, I might have put it up there anyway, just because of the title. But it's snot. Geoffrey Young writes about the Padres, baseball in general, and....beer! I like him already. A very thorough website, encompassing minor leage affiliates as well. Less cynical and complaining than many of the blogs out there, including mine.

Celia Tan is a professional writer, just giving her services away, to unworthy peasants like you and me. Her site is more of a journal than a blog, with links to some women-oriented sites. Quality, not so much quantity. She's away right now, so use the opportunity to catch up on her back articles.

TwinsGeek is a blog about Minnesota sports, not just baseball. This is one of those more cynical sites I mentioned earlier, but it's also well written and funny. Even has monthly "grades" and positional evaluations within the Twinkies' organization.

Baseball Junkie is evidently newly redesigned, though I never saw the old one. It includes articles about major, minor and even semi-pro league baseball, statistical analysis, and even has opportunities for discussion and such.

Despite the title, Four Aces is not about the Yankees' postseason starting rotation. It's about the Red Sox, Padres, and anything else he sees fit to discuss. I'm particularly impressed by the fact that he's got an article about umpiring tendencies, which would be a great thing to study, unless of course it turned out that there actually were some measurable biases. That might suck. Then the damn BBWAA would be able to blame yet another thing for why the best player in the AL should not be officially dubbed its MVP.

Elephants in

As a Blogspot hosted site, Elephants in Oakland does not have its own logo yet, so I had to screw around and make one, sorta. They don't really need one though, as the insightful and thorough writing about one of the best-run teams around, if not the best, is enough to draw my attention.

Digressions on Baseball is another good site without its own logo, but also worth reading. I think I forgot to write to Misha Berkowitz to ask for a reciprocal link, but I'll do it tomorrow. Does not write nearly as often as some, but when he does its usually worth reading.

I have also added Baseball News Blog above Rob Neyer's smiling visage, on the right. This is a website that finds the best of the news, quotes, and analysis out there on the web from the more mainline sites as well as blogs like mine and boils them all down to the few you really wanted to read in the first place.

OK, I think the Yankees might be on TV tonight on ESPN, so I'm gonna try to catch some of it before friends come over for a movie.

Incidentally, if anyone wants me to branch out to movie and/or book reviews, just let me know. Heck, I may start doing it even if you don't want me to.

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