13 June 2006

Pending Pinstripes: Charleston Riverdogs Team Report, 6/13/2006

The Yankees' Low-A affiliate currently sports a 34-30 record, in fourth place in the Southern Division of the Sally League, 6.5 games behind the Rome Braves. Interestingly, The Riverdogs have the best home record in the South Atlantic League, 23-9, but one of the worst road records, 11-21.


The team's .332 OBP is right in the middle of the pack in the Sally League, but they almost completely lack any power, with a .341 slugging percentage and a total of 24 homers (in 64 games) that are both second-worst in the League. The team is third in steals, with 94, but is only 10th out of 16 South Atlantic teams in runs scored.

Naturally, therefore, the team boasts precious few offensive standouts. Among these, however, is OF Jose Tabata, hitting .316 with five homers, and leading the Riverdogs with 66 hits, 16 doubles, 42 RBI and 99 total bases. He's also been hit with a pitch six times and grounded into eight double plays, both of which are also the most on the Riverdogs. He's also stolen eight bases in 12 attempts, which in and of itself isn't bad, but probably means he won't be a threat if he ever makes it to the majors. He's only walked 14 times in 55 games, but considering that he'd only walked once in the team's first 14 games, maybe that's not so bad. Heck, the kid's still only 17 years old, so we'll cut him some slack.

Austin "Action" Jackson leads the team with 24 steals (5th in the South Atlantic League), 32 walks (10th in the Sally) and 49 runs scored (2nd in the Sally). However, he has also struck out 69 times, 4th most in the League, in only 62 games. Jackson's only 19, and should fill out his 6'1", 185 lb frame as he ages, but for now, it would behoove him to stop swinging for the fences like he's Dave Parker.

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