26 May 2006

DPD: Tigers to be Tested; Hernandez Not the El Duque of Old

My job is much too easy.

In today's sports world, there are always well-known personalities saying something on TV or talk radio, or writing something in the newspaper and/or on the Internet, something with which many fans may disagree. Heck, these days even the ballplayers can find out what the fans think, and issue their own retorts through the media. Ken Griffey took advantage of this opportunity to let the fans of Cincinnati know how he felt, for example. I'm sure that Mickey Mantle never knew what his fans thought of him, except of course for the boos at the Stadium, and I doubt he cared.

Tigers Prove Themselves Worthy After 40 games?

But more often than not, it's reporters and radio show hosts who express their opinions ofr the Public to hear or read, and too frequently those opinions are not very well thought-out. At the very least, they're not very well researched. In in the Information Age, it is simply too easy to look something up and find out whether or not your favorite talking head actually knows what his head is talking about. Years ago, this business was a lot harder. Before the Internet, you had to actually go to a library or visit a newspaper's archives, poring over old clippings or dusty volumes of books to look up certain statistics. Without Stats, Inc. and the Elias Sports Bureau, you often had to do your own research to determine the relative merit of some reporter's assertions. But in today's world, someone else has already done all that work, and finding the answers you need is generally just a few keystrokes away.

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