04 February 2005


I made a couple of changes/updates to the site today. I got a couple of link requests, from Fantasybaseball.com and latino-mlb-players.com, which are both very direct in their choices of names. The first, of course, is about baseball that doesn't actually happen but you wish it would and the second is about baseball in ancient Rome. Or something like that.

I also added a couple of Washington Nationals links, Nationals Enquirer and Capitol Punishment. These I found by pure luck, something the Expos/Nats have not experienced very much lately. With the relocation and name change of the franchise, plus the fact that they suck, the Law of Unintended Consequences has also provided numerous bloggers the opportunity to come up with quite clever names for their new websites, so there are numerous other Nationals blogs out there, just waiting to be linked. If you want a link, drop me a line.

Last, but most importantly, thanks muchly to Fred H for bringing to my attention the fact that my Haloscan comment tags have a limit of 1000 characters. I plan to phase these out, as Blogger actually provides its own comment tags, which are at the bottom of each post where it says,

Make comments HERE

Please use those, rather than the other comment tags, if you have something to say. Even if you don't have something to say, like me.

Speaking of people with something to say, John J(acob Jingleheimer) Perricone over at Only Baseball Matters has an interesting analysis of the Brian Sabean era of the San Francisco Giants franchise. Go check it out.

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