27 August 2002

David Pinto has graciously added me to his list of co-bloggers, even though mine is more of a notebook (hence the description change). I'm also adding Aaron Gleeman's blog to my listing, because it's a good one, and because I'm hoping he'll return the favor. What I'd really like is to figure out a way to find my blog if you're looking for something like it on a search engine. Anyone who has any pointers on this, feel free to clue me in. I'm pretty new at this.

BTW, on an unrelated note, does anyone else find ESPN's Baseball Tonight demonstrations amusing? It's funny/weird enough to watch two middle-aged men in $750 suits, wearing makeup, standing over a batting tee, in a studio, with a shiny new bat, trying to explain hitting techniques to all the people out there in TV-land. But then, the irony of the pairing: Tony Gwynn (.338 career BA) and Harold Reynolds (.327 career OBP, .341 SLG%!). Seems a little like pairing up Steven Spielberg with Tom Green for a seminar on movie directing, y'know?

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